Post Adoption Support from Focus on the Family

As we’ve discussed on this blog many times, I believe the support of adoptive families facing challenges along the adoption journey is the single most important issue facing the adoption movement.  Summit will include a great deal of training and resources on this front, both for families and for church ministries.  There is great need to increase the support available to families, at the level of the local church and also from national sources that of expertise and counsel.  So I could not be more excited and thankful that a groundbreaking new resource on this front is being brought forward by Alliance member Focus on the Family.

Focus has just launched a free post-adoption phone line for adoptive families provided.  The phone number is 800-A-FAMILY (232-6459) and is staffed Mon – Fri from 8am – 10pm EST by Christian counselors who can help address adoption-related issues.  I believe this resource will be a vitally important complement to the role of the local church in supporting, encouraging and aiding adoptive families amidst the joys and difficulties of loving children from difficult places.