From Noel Piper’s Blog: Refreshment For Adoptive Mom’s

Noel Piper posted on her blog yesterday:

There are lots of good reasons for lots of different kinds of people to attend Summit VII, sponsored by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, May 12-13, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s one more reason. On Wednesday, May 11, the day before the conference begins there are several pre-conference events, including a half-day retreat for adoptive moms:
For those women who feel they need a retreat for rest and restoration to complement the conference, this half-day pre-Summit retreat is for you. During our adoption journeys, we are often bombarded with statistics, overwhelmed with hoops to jump through and deadlines to meet.  It also often seems there are few people around who truly understand the roller coaster we climbed into beforehand, never realizing it would not stop.  Before, during and after our adoption we often realize that what we most need is a retreat:  but not just any retreat…a retreat with other women who have been there, who can understood and encourage us in the journey ahead that fulfills God’s dreams!  We invite you to join us for a time of refuge! A time of rest! A time of restoration!  We will reflect on living at the well, finding strength in the Lord as a busy mother, and walking in the Lord’s presence.  We will leave renewed, entering Summit with a fresh energy for the call of God on our lives. Come enjoy refreshment in the Lord’s presence, encouragement from women who have been walking this adoption road in the Lord for 15+ years, and fellowship with other mothers who will understand your heart at the level of your deepest joys and tears.  We invite you, come to the well of living water;  you’ll be glad you did.
I’m planning to be there.