How We Care for Orphans (Shows the Society We Are)

The website Conservative Home USA is rising force among conservative thinkers in Washington and beyond, shaping ideas and priorities for many Republican leaders and other key influencers.  I’m particularly impressed at how the site—alongside its strong priority on limited government principles—continues to remind of the importance of compassion and justice as individual and social priorities, even for those seeking to reduce the size of government.  Today, Conservative Home carries a piece the editors invited me to write titled, How We Care for Orphans Shows What Kind of Society We Are.

The article begins:

“Government makes a very poor parent,” lamented a friend recently.  She’s served children in the U.S. foster system for three decades and wasn’t dismissing government’s role in protecting children from abuse.  She’d just seen too many times to count that bureaucracy, regulations and hired hands cannot provide the things children need most.

This awareness of limitation, however—disappointing as it is for many government planners—also gives shape to a positive vision.  To do right by foster youth and orphans worldwide, we must not seek a single “grand solution.”  Rather, we must look first to caring families, especially those supported by a community of faith…

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