Complete, but there’s more

During the last session of the Summit, Hyatt Moore looked at life and children through the eyes of an artist. He said something like this:

Art is a metaphor for all of us. Something from nothing. Order from disorder. At any stage it could be done. It was good before. It is good now. I feel like that sometimes about my art, but still I have more ideas for it.

Every child is complete, but there’s more. Every stage is beautiful, but there’s more. That’s how God looks at me–You’re done, but there’s more.

Throughout the Summit, the painting of a dark-haired girl was in progress. In the photo above she is at one stage of being the tangible metaphor of  “beautiful, but there is more.” Look her in the eye for a moment before reading on.

The painting could be finished as I see it there, but as he spoke he pointed out the “more”: “The girl is looking at the cross, you can see it in her eyes.” In the finished painting, her eyes are alive with the reflection of the cross, which wasn’t there yet in the photo. Now she is truly complete.

May we and our children all be completed in the only way possible–by looking at the cross.


Hyatt Moore: People have been asking me what I’m going to do with this painting. I can’t think of a better thing than to contribute it to the Christian Alliance for Orphans.