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First Reflections Following Summit VII

My heart is full to the brim with gratitude to God for all that happened last week at Summit VII in Louisville.   As I’ve heard from so many others, I found myself both refreshed and provoked, encouraged and challenged.  Although I know I’ll be processing thoughts on it all for months, two in particular stand […]

But…Why Are You Here?

It is the question behind the questions. Random Stranger: Do you have kids? Me: Nope. I’m single. I’m childless. Random Stranger: Ohhhh, what do you do? Me: I work for Thomas Nelson. I do Corporate Communications. Random Stranger: So, you are here for work? Me: No, I actually took vacation to come. I am blogging […]

Complete, but there’s more

During the last session of the Summit, Hyatt Moore looked at life and children through the eyes of an artist. He said something like this: Art is a metaphor for all of us. Something from nothing. Order from disorder. At any stage it could be done. It was good before. It is good now. I feel […]

“When Helping Hurts”

Below are notes from the first of Brian Fikkert’s sessions at the Summit. If you are interested in notes from his other session and other breakouts I attended, feel free to check out more on my blog. 17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on […]

In the Image of God

  When you take into account the many places where people were born or grew up and where their children were born and where they live together now, I’m guessing God is the only one who knows how many tribes, tongues, and peoples are represented here at Global Orphan Summit VII. So it seems appropriate […]

Thriving as an Adoptive Family: book giveaway

by Noel Piper (blogging at Focus on the Family has been connecting for years with the needs of families. One newer initiative is in the area of orphan care. For starters, they offer some really helpful resources (including, for example, Karyn Purvis’s The Connected Child). David and Renee Sanford are the editors of Handbook on Thriving as an […]