Run DMC on Adoption

Back when I was in about the 6th grade, nothing rated higher on my cool meter than rap group Run D.M.C.  They were the frontiersmen of rap music, spinning out funky tunes and unforgettable rhymes, always with an irresistible beat.   My music diet at home consisted mostly of Christian bands like Petra and Steve Taylor (whom I must admit I still love.)  But when out with friends who had more permissive parents, I’d always try to find the Run D.M.C. tapes (yes, tapes) and crank it up loud.

So it was no small pleasure to learn recently that “DJ Run” of Run D.M.C. is now “Rev Run” and a faithful father of six, including one by adoption through Alliance member Bethany Christian Services. If you’re able, check out this collection of video clips from Catalyst West, where Rev Run shared about the tragic death of a daughter, his view of adoption and loving his daughter Miley, and also how his outlook on adoption has changed as he’s challenged others to consider it.