Yesterday’s Webinar Now Online: Global Church to Church Orphan Care Partnerships

Yesterday’s webinar in now live on the Alliance website:  Journeys of Faith: Guiding Principles for Church Global Orphan Care Partnerships. It features Beau Fournet of Watermark Church and Amanda Cox of the Faith to Action Initiative.  The initial +/- 25 minutes of the webinar provide broad information on the value of partnering with local churches in global efforts and the importance of home- and community-based care.  Deeper into the webinar, it grows increasingly focused on concrete examples, advice and resources for global church-to-church orphan care partnerships.

Webinar Description:  Both within and beyond Christian circles, experts increasingly recognize that indigenous churches are indispensable partners for effective orphan care around the world. Yet for U.S. churches and individuals, partnering globally in ways both that are both discerning and respectful isn’t easy. Explore principles and models drawn from real-world partnerships that unite U.S. churches with local African churches and organizations. Building upon the recently-published Journeys of Faith, the webinar will provide tangible principles of practice and lessons learned as well as must-read resources for any church or individual desiring to engage in orphan care. Join us to learn what it means to “help without hurting.”