Orthodontist Gives Smiles to Adopted Kids

There’s myriad ways to “defend the cause of fatherless,” including many that don’t fit the categories we normally imagine.  It’s especially compelling when a person finds a way to harness the special skills they possess to do so in unique ways.   In Colorado, an orthodontist has found a way to give a gift few others could:  straightened teeth.  Dr. Jeff Haskins is providing free orthodontic care to the 170 families that have adopted as part of Alliance member Project 1.27.

Dr. Haskins calls what he is doing Ortho 1.27.  He explains, “…James 1.27 instructs us to take care of the orphans and widows and possibly try to take orphans into our homes. We can’t all do that – so what can we do? So, we formed our own ministry Ortho 1.27.”

Denver’s ABC 7 recently honored Haskins as an “Everyday Hero.”  Check out the print and video of the story here.