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Five Star Review for ORPHANOLOGY

Christianity Today‘s book review released today gives five stars to the book, Orphanology, by Tony Merida and Rick Morton.  This book is one of a trio of books released in the last year that explore the Gospel-roots of adoption and orphan care.  The two other excellent volumes include Daniel Bennett’s Passion for the Fatherless and […]

Orthodontist Gives Smiles to Adopted Kids

There’s myriad ways to “defend the cause of fatherless,” including many that don’t fit the categories we normally imagine.  It’s especially compelling when a person finds a way to harness the special skills they possess to do so in unique ways.   In Colorado, an orthodontist has found a way to give a gift few others […]

Christianity Today on Same-Sex Adoption Dilemma

Christianity Today offers a significant article today on the rising dilemma over how governments that approve gay marriage will treat those Christian agencies that decline on the grounds of conscience to place children for adoption with unmarried or homosexual couples.  (See Should the Marriage Battleground Shift to Religious Freedom?) As the article describes, “Just a […]