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The Power of Loving Eyes

Earlier this summer, my friend Susan Hillis shared with me some reflections that she’d posted on her blog.  Susan had missed the talk that Karyn Purvis gave at Summit, but heard about it from a friend and began digging into the ideas that Dr. Purvis had shared.  Ultimately, she wrote, “I have never been so […]

Insider Perspective on Key Foster Care Issues

Our friends at Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI)  this week released a few report carrying recommendations on addressing a range of hotly-debated issues surrounding the U.S. foster system, including immigration, education, mentoring, psychotropic drugs, child abuse and government accountability.  What makes the report’s information and opinions especially significant is its source:  young adults who’ve […]

The Orphan Movement and the Power of Film

As we’ve explored in the past in this blog, any great movement is nourished and sustained by well-crafted art.  For centuries, the very best art in the western world was inspired and infused by Christian faith.  Sadly, compelling art and committed faith seem to have parted ways somewhere along the line.  In recent decades, much […]

Inter-Country Adoption is More Than Inter-Country Adoption

Our friends at JCICS shared an article with us published Friday by the Carnegie Council, titled, “Love and Legislation:  The International Politics of Inter-country Adoption,” by Alison Watson.  Overall, it’s a refreshingly thoughtful approach to an often sensationalized topic.   It shortly before the “Step Forward for Orphans” march in Washington, DC that seeks to spur […]

New Podcast on Orphan Sunday

Check out the new postcast, hot of the press from Foster Care Podcast, on Orphan Sunday.  The session features Vanessa Vasquez, National Director for the 2011 Orphan Sunday campaign, who casts a vision for what Orphan Sunday is meant to be and how any church, large or small, can make the most of it.  Listen […]

Race and Adoption

For follower of Christ, the imago dei formed in every human is infinitely more significant than one’s birthplace or skin color.  This is why Jesus shattered his culture’s ethnic bounds—from his conversation with the Samaritan woman to honoring the faith of the Roman centurion to making a “Good Samaritan” his paragon of real love.  So […]