The Power of Loving Eyes

Earlier this summer, my friend Susan Hillis shared with me some reflections that she’d posted on her blog.  Susan had missed the talk that Karyn Purvis gave at Summit, but heard about it from a friend and began digging into the ideas that Dr. Purvis had shared.  Ultimately, she wrote, “I have never been so impacted by a message I did not hear.”

Why is it that Paul yearned for Christians to “grasp how wide and long, high and deep is the love of Christ”?  Because such tender, powerful, all-embracing love is the most transformative force in all the universe.   As parents, we should know that our love for our children, too, carries some reflection of this transformative power as well.  As Susan and Karyn observe, one of the most potent places this love is conveyed is through the eyes.  This is seen especially for the small child, but continues throughout life.  Read the full post from Dr. Hillis HERE.