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Tragedy in the Horn of Africa

If you’ve caught even a glimpse of the news recently, you’ve seen the tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa.  Observers are already describing the famine as the most serious humanitarian crisis in a generation.  As with any such catastrophe, the hardest hit are children.  Without aggressive intervention, a vast number will die and many […]

International Adoption Trends…And Serious Efforts to Change Them

Our friends at JCICS today shared an internal report on trends in international adoption.  It confirms the continued impacts of a deeply-flawed inter-country adoption system globally.  From 2004 to 2010, the number of such adoptions to the U.S have dropped by 51%, and will likely decrease further this year. It is as ironic as it […]

Finding Families for Foster Youth Saves Government Significantly

Often, it takes hard work to prove what you know intuitively.  Such efforts, however, can be vital in demonstrating in black-and-white the difference that common sense solutions can make.  Such research can make the difference between an idea becoming law…or just remaining a good idea. A recent study funded by the National Council for Adoption […]

Array of Great Conferences Coming Up Around the U.S.

A number of quality conferences are scheduled for the months ahead in various regions of the country .  These include: The Pure Religion Adoption & Orphan Care Conference is August 12-13 in Raleigh, NC, emphasizing both the Gospel roots of a vision for adoption and orphan care, as well as practical guidance for both personal […]

This Summer’s HEARTWORK Video

It’s great to see the way students are increasingly rousing to “the cause of the fatherless.”   Earlier this year, we highlighted the Orphan Scholarship Fund that began at San Francisco State University–as well as other student initiatives, including the Heartwork Campaign. Heartwork has partnered with the Christian Alliance for Orphans in its quest to engage […]

IRS Provides Further Guidance on Adoption Tax Credit

Although the IRS released some guidance last year on applying for the Adoption Tax Credit, many family have still faced challenges in receiving the credit.  Personally, I recently went through a somewhat time consuming process of having to provide additional documentation to the IRS to prove that we were, in fact, owed the credit.  So […]