Orphan Sunday Catalyzing Indigenous Movements around the Globe

Many Alliance member organizations are helping their local church partners in other countries to harness Orphan Sunday to help grow indigenous adoption and orphan care movements.  What’s happening–from Kenya to Ukraine to Guatemala–is thrilling.  On Friday, I heard from a friend who works in the Philippines, nurturing a vision for indigenous adoption and orphan care there.  Gerry Clark, who leads the Home for Good Foundation, shared developments that blew me away.  Here’s an excerpt:

 We have well over 200 Orphan Sunday events going in the Philippines now, and are well on our way to 300. We have our hands and our budget filled just managing the rapid growth there!  I have to enter all the Philippine events in the [Orphan Sunday] web site and I simply can’t keep up with it. A GOOD kind of problem to have, PTL.

 Regional Directors of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church have both issued strong written endorsements for Orphan Sunday and Adoption Ministry in their member churches. These endorsements, coupled with our staff speaking in multiple pastors’ conferences are the two major factors resulting in this explosive growth of Orphan Sunday in the Philippines.  Almost everyone at these conferences is in tears as they learn about the vision and are asking why they’ve never heard of it before!   An attorney at one of the conferences announced that he would provide his services for adoption without charge.  That will reduce the total cost for adoption on his island to well under $1,000.

 Orphan Sunday seems to be the key to opening doors of more churches!   We are delighted to be a part of it.  Eph 3:20