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Oklahoma Pursues the Faith Community in Serious Foster Care Drive

It’s great to see innovative state and county governments increasingly partner with churches in caring for foster youth.  Although church-state rules require clear partnership guidelines, there’s a growing recognition that government agencies can readily partner with churches in ways that preserving the distinctives of both.  Most importantly, they’re seeing that committed churches can make a […]

“Transracial Adoption” and “Starting Church Foster Ministry” Webinars Now Available Online

After some technical challenges, both of our most recent (and very well received webinars) are now available on the Alliance Webinar Resource Page. Last week’s “Transracial Adoption” was more widely attended than any prior webinar. Note that the first 1/3rd to ½ of the webinar covers basics of topics like understanding the basic concepts of […]

Today & Tomorrow on FLT: Pennington Interviews on Orphans with Special Needs

Today and tomorrow, Dennis Rainey’s Family Life Today interviews will explore the care of orphans with special needs, featuring Paul and Robin Pennington.  The Pennington’s are parents of six, five by adoption, and also grandparents to three adopted children.  Paul is also the President of Hope for Orphans, which is hosting the upcoming Hope for […]