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States Increasingly Looking to Churches as Vital to Aiding Foster Youth

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a man who worked with the foster system in Maine.  He explained that the state government was making serious efforts to partner with churches to find caring homes for foster children.  Although Maine’s government was not known for being particularly welcoming to faith-based organizations in the past, a […]

Orphan Sunday Explodes in Russia and Ukraine

As we’ve recently highlighted, one of the most exciting elements of Orphan Sunday 2011 is the way it is springing up in countries around the world, from Kenya to the Philippines to Guatemala.   What an amazing catalyst for a global orphan movement!  A report I just received from Cristi Slate and our good friends at […]

Glimpses of the Movement, from Arizona to Virginia

One of the very best parts of this work is getting so many windows into the myriad ways the Christian orphan movement is growing across the U.S. and beyond.  The Together for Adoption Conference in Arizona last week was full to the brim in that regard (and many other ways, too!) I heard again and […]

Great blog post from California’s ECCU Takes Up Orphan Sunday, Too

I’m here at the T4A conference, loving the palpable feel of Gospel-fed enthusiasm for the “cause of the fatherless.”  As much as we all must spend the bulk of our days laboring in the trenches, it is always so good to get glimpses of the way the Church is increasingly rising.  Beautiful. On another note, […]

Unforgettable Video from Ukraine

The Orphan Sunday campaign in Ukraine is on fire, with excellent leadership from the team at Ukraine Without Orphans. They’ve just released a film that weaves an unforgettable story in a 3-minute film.  You don’t need to speak Russian to be deeply moved.  Although the Ukraine team’s message often emphasizes the real costs that can […]

Things Get Messy When We Get Close to the World’s Hurt

Here’s the simple truth:  if we get involved with caring for hurting people, we’ll end up in messy situations.  Life becomes complex.  We’ll face decisions that have no obvious answers, perhaps no good answers at all.  So if you want to keep things neat and tidy, you’d best steer clear of orphans and adoption and […]