Angels in DC

I’m homeward bound on a flight from Washington, DC to California—both weary and exhilarated.  The past several days have been rich with evidence that God continues to nourish the Christian orphan care movement.

The Alliance Board met Monday and Tuesday.  That alone was worth the cross-country flight.  They’re an amazing team, each a great leader in their own sphere, each both wise and Christ-hearted.  Unique to this gathering was a day set aside for blank-slate discussion of long-term vision:  where do we see God leading in the coming decade, and how can the Alliance best serve Him there?

Alongside vigorous discussion, it was beautiful to see the way  clarity and strong consensus emerged late  in the day.  More on that later.  For now, suffice to say that continuing to ignite and equip the orphan care movement remains the driving objective—with increasing investment in connecting the robust energy of all that is happening in the U.S. with fledgling movements worldwide.  I’m as excited as ever about the road ahead…

Wednesday night was the Angels in Adoption Gala, hosted by CCAI.  It was rich with the moving stories of mostly unsung heroes, whose sacrificial love for children in need is finally being “sung.”  It was clear that a great many of these “Angels” are motivated to serve as they do by vibrant Christian faith:  God’s love spilling out in foster care, adoption, mentoring and more.

Two of the top honorees were Kerry Hasenbalg (who played a key role in creation of the Alliance) and Greg Buzek (who serves on the Alliance Leadership Council).  Greg is harnessing his business acumen to raise funds through his “Retail Orphan Initiative” for frontline work like that Safe Families (highlighted not long ago on an Alliance webinar).  The Bible describes angels as “ministering spirits sent to serve…”  The name seems a great fit for all of these individuals who laboring quietly to touch the fatherless with God’s grace.