Great blog post from California’s ECCU Takes Up Orphan Sunday, Too

I’m here at the T4A conference, loving the palpable feel of Gospel-fed enthusiasm for the “cause of the fatherless.”  As much as we all must spend the bulk of our days laboring in the trenches, it is always so good to get glimpses of the way the Church is increasingly rising.  Beautiful.

On another note, the ECCU blog this week carried a great article on Orphan Sunday.  It begins,

As a foster parent myself, I was leery of an emotionally charged event that tugged at people’s heartstrings. This business of caring for orphans is hard. But as I learned more, it became clear that the folks at the Christian Alliance for Orphans (who oversee Orphan Sunday) understand both the beauty and the tremendous cost of caring for those with deep wounds.

And so Orphan Sunday—nationally recognized on November 6 this year—is intended to go beyond pulling the heartstrings of your congregation to understanding God’s heart for the fatherless, to experience both the joy and pain of caring for his orphans.

“Orphan care is not just one more good cause,” says Jedd Medefind, president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. “Ultimately, it’s about God’s people understanding his heart more deeply. When we truly understand how our God cares for the most destitute, we begin to grasp how deeply he cares for us as well. And, as we mirror his love of the fatherless in our actions, we reveal his heart to a watching world.” (And, I might add, we understand the gospel like never before—for our adoption came at great cost as well.)

And it’s not just about adoption, either…