Glimpses of the Movement, from Arizona to Virginia

One of the very best parts of this work is getting so many windows into the myriad ways the Christian orphan movement is growing across the U.S. and beyond.  The Together for Adoption Conference in Arizona last week was full to the brim in that regard (and many other ways, too!) I heard again and again how God has woken individuals and whole churches to grasp His heart for the fatherless and how they are responding.  From new foster care ministries to global partnerships, the Church continues to rouse and act.

I’ll share some of the stories in future blog posts, but today wanted to include an email we received recently.  Just one little window into one more expression of what’s happening, this one from Virginia:

…Our tech team was able to get the video downloaded and ready for [Orphan Sunday on] Nov. 6, thanks for your help! And the pastoral staff has asked me to do a prayer that morning re: orphans etc. during both services.

 We have a lot of exciting things going on re: orphan care…It’s starting to feel like a movement.  We have so many families adopting, exploring orphan care and the like… several who attended our God’s Heart for Orphans course earlier this year.  And we’re now working on establishing an adoption fund, hosting a March “If You Were Mine” conference, and doing an orphan ministry summer trip to Guatemala next summer… our adoptive and foster family support group is really going strong… anyway it’s just exciting seeing how God is working in the congregation on this topic.  Keep up the good work, the efforts you all are putting into all this is helping churches like ours.