Kelly Rosati’s New Book, WAIT NO MORE

This blog often highlights the tremendous need to speak more openly about the way beauty and pain that so often come together as we love the orphan.  A book released last month does just that:  Wait No More, by Kelly and John Rosati.

Kelly has long given effective leadership to Focus on the Family’s extensive efforts to champion foster care and adoption.  This includes the deeply impactful initiative that shares the name of her book.  The Rosatis are also the parents of four children by adoption from foster care.  As the book describes in poignant narrative, they’ve experienced both great beauty and great challenges along the adoption journey.

As I wrote for the book’s endorsement, “Adoption mirrors the Gospel story, not only in its joy but often in great sacrifices as well.  Adoption draws us closer to the world’s hurt, even as it reminds of the preciousness of every child and the sweetness when love springs up where only pain had lived before.  Wait No More carries all of this, showing one family’s experience of how beauty and sorrow so often intertwine in an adoption journey.  Sometimes raw, sometimes joyous, always honest, Wait No More will undoubtedly spur many families to question whether adoption may be too difficult a road for them…and also whether any other path could bring such great rewards.”

The Christian adoption and orphan movement needs more advocates willing to speak with this kind of vulnerable honestly about the highs and lows of adoption.  I suspect that a book like Wait No More will not only help many families who’ve struggled with difficult adoptions.  It will also enable more people to speak frankly about both the delight and the tears that are a part of loving children who’ve come from difficult places.