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Reps Michelle Bachman and Karen Bass On Foster Care in US News & World Report

U.S. News and World Report this week carries a thoughtful encouragement to Americans to consider adoption from foster care.  It rightly describes, “Though the process of adoption is not always easy, the rewards of adopting a child are innumerable and eternal.”  The article begins: A few days from now, thousands across America will unofficially start […]

30 Snapshots of Orphan Sunday Across America

It’s been amazing to read the stories coming in from Orphan Sunday events across the country.  Here are just thirty snapshots of the remarkable and diverse reports we’re receiving.   (We easily could have shared many times that number, but wanted to keep it to a somewhat manageable number!) Orphan Sunday Reports from Across America 1. […]

One Poignant Snapshot

It’s been amazing to read the myriad stories still coming in from Orphan Sunday 2011.  Later today, we’ll share thirty brief glimpses of what we’re seeing.  But to whet your interest, here’s just one for starters…. As highlighted in In Culture Parent magazine online, Orphan Sunday at Kings Park International Church interwove local and global […]

Snapshots of Orphan Sunday from Around the Globe

What took place around the globe on Orphan Sunday is at least as thrilling as what happened in the U.S.  This year was the first serious attempt at growing Orphan Sunday globally.  In the words of Ruslan Maliuta, who led efforts in Ukraine, “God by far exceeded our wildest expectations.”  Does that sounds hyperbolic?  Not […]

Great Piece from the Houston Chronicle Online Spotlighting Orphan Sunday

An article from the Houston Chronicle online provided a great window into one local expression of Orphan Sunday.  The article, Local Christian Group Promotes Adoption, Orphan Care, both Locally and Internationally, highlights Orphan Sunday at Houston’s First Baptist…as well as the growing movement across America and beyond.  It begins: According to the Houston Adoption Alliance […]

Beautiful Glimpses of Orphan Sunday I: The Orphan’s Table

Orphan Sunday 2011 was nothing short of amazing, from Kansas to Kiev.  Stories continue to roll in.  Individually, each local event carried its own beauty.  Viewed all together, they form a breathtaking tapestry of the ways God is stirring His people around the world. We’ll be sharing glimpses of this over the days ahead.  One […]