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The Most Unexpected Orphan Sunday Event

Amidst the blur of final Orphan Sunday prep, a remarkable report  on one final addition to the global event map just came in from Maryland’s Regional Coordinator, Jeromy Smith.  The event will led by a man named Jamie, who is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison.  A group of inmates will be […]

Orphan Sunday is Upon Us! (And it’s amazing to see what’s happening)

After months of anticipation, Orphan Sunday is upon us!  It’s nothing short of amazing to hear about the countless events planned across the U.S.:  families gathering around “The Orphan’s Table”…small groups watching the “Answer the Cry” DVD and discuss its implications… entire churches rallying on Sunday morning…as well as Heart Gallery showings…concerts…student events…and so much […]

October Webinar Now Viewable Online

Last week’s Alliance webinar on Orphan Care Ministry that Lasts:  A Pastor’s Perspective on Overcoming Common Obstacles is now online and can be viewed HERE.

Hermeneutic on Cost, Complexity and Call of Adoption

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics today carries a thoughtful (and very personal) piece from Rachel Stone reflecting on the cost, complexity and call of adoption—and how all three are inextricable from the Gospel itself.  Stone writes, “Yes, adoption is expensive (easily close to $30,000, depending on the route one takes), ethically confusing, frustrating, and occasionally heartbreaking. Our […]