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As 2011 Ends, Three Amazing Affirmations of a Growing Movement

Those of us who yearn to see Christians re-earn the title, “defenders of the fatherless” have much to cheer. In July, Christianity Today described “the burgeoning orphan care movement.”  And it is.  From the remarkable growth of Summit to the global reach of Orphan Sunday, 2011 was another year of tremendous growth in the movement. […]

Tony and Lauren Dungy on Giving Families to America’s Orphans

For me, Tony Dungy stands with John Wooden and a handful of others as the greatest coaches of all time.  Great on the field.  Great in life.  And great in faith.  So it was a special pleasure to see him and his wife, Lauren, talk about the need of waiting children in America and the […]

Homespun Advice on Older Child Adoption

More and more families are embracing the joys and challenges of adopting older children.  This journey can carry unparalleled blessings for both parent and child.  It can also come with unparalleled challenges for the unprepared.   At present, it seems the range of resources available to families desiring advice or support in this journey is still […]

Great Video and Story from Little Rock

“Defending the fatherless” takes on countless forms as Christians act in response to God’s call. Barbara Rainey recently shared with me the news story of a young couple from Little Rock who made a remarkable decision in this regard, giving the gift of family to a teen girl not much younger than they are.  TV […]

Art with a Mission IV: Film

“Nothing is more human than stories and storytelling,” observes Os Guinness.  He’s right.  From 3-year-olds to the crowd at the retirement home, we all delight in a story well told.  A good story can touch us to the core…and change us in the process.  No wonder Jesus didn’t express almost anything without telling a story […]

Art With a Mission III: Photograph & a Poignant Story

When talking about art that can fuel movements, photography deserves a central place.  Photographs help us feel the reality of things we’d previously grasped only on an intellectual level.  They carry a deep power to connect mind with heart, moving individuals from cerebral agreement to passionate action. A number of tremendous humanitarian photographers have contributed […]