Art with a Mission

As we’ve explored in the past (more than once), any great movement draws upon good art to nourish, spread and inspire the vision of the cause.  It’s great to see the way skilled artists rising to fill this role for the Christian orphan care movement.  We’ll highlight several this week.  One I’m particularly excited about is the Jason Yost Band.  Their recent release, Rescue Me, has stood with the very best on iTunes worship lists.  See Jason explain what motivates him to unite music and the cause of the fatherless:

Rescue Me from New Rhythm on Vimeo.

Jason and his wife Shelly are also interweaving their art with a vision for orphan care in an organization they’ve formed, New Rhythm.  They desire to use all of their concerts and worship gatherings as a forum for telling people about the different ways that they can act upon God’s call to care for orphans.  (See Jason to book the band.)  They also stand ready to provide good counsel to individuals and churches desiring to move forward in action.

You can hear the single Rescue Me for free HERE or download on iTunes (all proceeds go orphan care.)  The full album will be released in February!