Art with a Mission II: Peder Eide

This week, we’re highlighting the significance of good art to any movement, and the way artists are using their talent to nurture the Christian orphan care movement. Anyone who’s been to a recent Summit remembers singer-songwriter Peder Eide. Peder’s stage presence (really, his presence anywhere) is alternately deep/sober and vivacious/hilarious. Whether in person conversation or MC’ing or leading worship, Peder seems to carry with him both the weight and the joy of the Psalms.

Many of Peder’s songs tie back to his deep sense of God’s heart for the orphan and adoption. His “Abba, I Belong to You” has entered my mind with surprising frequency since I first heard Peder sing it at Summit VI. And you can see the video created for the song Come to the Rescue, which is on Peder’s recently released album, Rescue Me. In ways both simple and significant, Peder is using his art to help us to remember and to feel God’s love for the fatherless and for each of us as well.

Tags: Peder Eide, Rescue Me, Music, Orphan, Art, Adoption