Art with a Mission IV: Film

“Nothing is more human than stories and storytelling,” observes Os Guinness.  He’s right.  From 3-year-olds to the crowd at the retirement home, we all delight in a story well told.  A good story can touch us to the core…and change us in the process.  No wonder Jesus didn’t express almost anything without telling a story (Matthew 13:34).

Today’s most powerful means of storytelling is film.  So good stories told well through film are vital to any movement desiring to change minds and sink deep into hearts.  Thankfully, artists of film are beginning to rise within the Christian adoption and orphan care movement.  Here are just a few worth mentioning:

There’s the aesthetically excellent work of Alliance member Discover the Journey, including the 2011 Orphan Sunday video they made for the Alliance.

  • The soon-to-release documentary, Rescued, offers moving story-windows into the motivations and actions of one vibrant branch of the orphan care movement.
  • I’m also especially excited about the documentary on the growing engagement of Christians in foster care through the film that will premier at Summit VIII, titled Faultless.
  • Finally, I’d note the deeply moving film October Baby set to release this Spring.  It explores with both depth and grace many weighty themes related to adoption and the sanctity of life.  The story is told with honed artistic skill, from the cinematography of the Irwin brothers to its well-matched soundtrack. See more on October Baby HERE, and the trailer below.