Tony and Lauren Dungy on Giving Families to America’s Orphans

For me, Tony Dungy stands with John Wooden and a handful of others as the greatest coaches of all time.  Great on the field.  Great in life.  And great in faith.  So it was a special pleasure to see him and his wife, Lauren, talk about the need of waiting children in America and the special significance for Christians of adoption.

This video is just one piece of a broad campaign led by three great Alliance organizations—Bethany Christian Services, Lifesong for Orphans, and Lifeline Children’s Services.    (See more HERE.)  It will range from spotlighting orphan care and adoption before the 13,000 church leaders at the Catalyst Conference in 2011, to a special Orphan Sunday toolkit, to presenting at a half dozen conferences in 2012.  This initiative isn’t just about create new interest in Bethany, Lifesong or Lifeline; it’s about growing the movement.  I suspect that’s just what it will do!