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The Voice of Love Campaign for South Korea’s Orphans

Churches in South Korea, joined by Hope for Orphans, have launched a compelling initiative to champion the need of Korea’s orphans for permanent families.  It’s titled Voice of Love. As in many parts of the world, political pressures have caused the government of Korea to constrict inter-country adoption significantly.  According to the Voice of Love […]

Why Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel

The theme for Summit VIII (May 3-4 at Saddleback Church) is Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel.  But why is Gospel the fountainhead of justice and mercy?  Why not just “goodwill” or “duty” or “idealism”? On one level, because we’re all made in God’s image, every person holds a certain sense of justice and […]

The Amazing Opportunity Coming in May

Registration for Summit VIII opened today.  Amidst the dizzying pace of life, it suddenly struck me:  this conference is going to be amazing.  I can hardly wait. Sure, the work of the Alliance is my day job.  And I love it.  But it is my night job, too—the things I think about when I’m “off.”  […]

Karyn Purvis and Empowered to Connect

When my wife and I were going through the adoption process, getting our “Hague Hours” required watching a number of videos with Dr. Karyn Purvis. We didn’t know Karyn then, but immediately knew she was offering wisdom that’d prove vital in our adoption journey. That was certainly the case, even more than we knew, and […]

A Moving Story in 2 1/2 Minutes

This moving story requires no analysis.  Just gratitude to God for working in such remarkable ways—as He so often does through those willing to let the unexpected come.  

One Family’s Remarkable Journey Deeper into Orphan Care

I love hearing the extraordinary stories of how God often draws ordinary people deeper into orphan care.  One came recently from a man named Les Gallagher, whom I met earlier this year at an event in Washington, DC.   I asked Les if he’ d write out a few paragraphs on what’d happened.  Looking closely, it’s […]