The Voice of Love Campaign for South Korea’s Orphans

Churches in South Korea, joined by Hope for Orphans, have launched a compelling initiative to champion the need of Korea’s orphans for permanent families.  It’s titled Voice of Love.

As in many parts of the world, political pressures have caused the government of Korea to constrict inter-country adoption significantly.  According to the Voice of Love website, 20,000 children in South Korea are waiting to be adopted. Many of these children have special needs and little hope of ever finding a permanent family. Of special needs children in South Korea, only 1.5% are adopted by Korean citizens via domestic adoption.

One important response to this need is to support Korean leaders as they seek to help Korean Christians recognize the beauty of indigenous adoption as a vital aspect of God’s call to care for the orphan in distress.

But also critical—especially to the thousands of children now waiting who may otherwise grow up without families—the Voice of Love campaign seeks to ensure waiting children can find a loving family soon, wherever that family may be found.  Toward this end, the campaign gives voice to the countless families and children who’ve known the blessing of international adoption via simple video testimonials.  Ultimately, Voice of Love hopes to ensure that every waiting child in South Korea find a permanent home, without having to wait years in a government system.

Learn more about Voice of Love HERE.  And if good has come to you through an inter-country adoption from Korea, consider sharing your story on behalf of the children now waiting for a family.