What’s Your Red Bus?

Few things are more enlivening than seeing students wake to God’s heart for the orphan.  They recognize more than just another great need; rather, they begin to sense how the God of the universe cares deeply for the world’s most destitute, and calls His people to do the same.  In that sense of God’s heart for the smallest and most vulnerable, young people come to know more deeply how God’s heart pulses for them as well.

So it’s beautiful to see the way Show Hope—which has played a central role in catalyzing the orphan care movement from the start—is now placing special emphasis on drawing in students.  Perhaps best of all, as I know to be true of the Show Hope team, this effort is about not just one organization.  It’s a vision to nurture a rising of young people that will be reflected in the priorities of the Church for decades to come.

The “Red Bus Project” Tour began this week—more than twenty college campuses in the next month!  And that’s just the start.  Check out the video below…


RBP Tour Video from Red Bus Project on Vimeo.