Summit Student Conference: Destiny Rescuing Destiny

If you listen closely to young people today, you’ll hear a hunger for more than the well-padded lives that marketers, technology and even many churches continually try to sell them.  They’ll tell you they long to pursue a calling larger than themselves.  They want a vision worthy of sacrifice.  It’s the absence of such a vision that causes them to settle, or to seek what snatches of purpose they can find in video games or extreme sports or travel or myriad other substitutes for the deeper adventure God designed them for.

But not all.  Some of these young people—thirsty for God and for purpose—are hearing His call to “defend the fatherless.” They’re rising in ways that inspire both their peers and older generations.

Many such young people will be working with the  Christian Alliance for Orphans to help lead the 1-Day Student Conference as part of Summit VIIII on Friday, May 4—titled, “Destiny Rescuing Destiny“–for college, high school and perhaps even some mature jr. high students.

This gathering is not about just the rescue of orphans who know all about deprivation and aloneness.  It’s about the rescue of materially well-off American youth who know all about poverty of purpose, spiritual life, and community.  Ultimately, it’s about the destinies of the two, intertwined, meeting each other’s deepest needs in response to God’s calling.

Alongside experiences of the broader Summit VIII, students will explore together:

The deepest motivation for defending the widow and orphan, freed from guilt.

Stories from the once-orphaned whose destinies have been rescued…and from students whose lives turned as they’ve reached beyond themselves.

And opportunities, connections and tools for practical action.

We pray this first-of-its-kind conference will launch many students not just into caring more, but to passionate action; not to guilt, but to a Gospel-inspired response to God’s call to care for the orphan; not merely to good intentions, but to wisdom-guided love poured out over a lifetime.