Hungry Students

The day after we announced the Destiny Rescuing Destiny Student Conference, I got an email that made my day from a father in Washington state.  If anything can confirm the truth of yesterday’s blog post, (“If you listen closely to young people today, you’ll hear a hunger…”) here it is.  The email read:

I received a call at work yesterday from my daughter, Carly, so excited about the “Student Conference” at the Orphans Summit.  Carly who is now thirteen years old has attended the Orphans Summit with me for the last three years, since Dallas.  

 It started out as a dad and daughter outing but she grabbed on to the vision hard and fast.  We have had foster kids in our home and Carly has an adopted  nine year old brother and sister.  Carly came back from that first Summit and immediately starting working toward a mission trip to the Watoto Village in Uganda.

 Last year, at the Kentucky Summit she took in the Heartworks information and came home and gathered a half dozen of her homeschool friends and created a Heartwork team.  They raised money for a well in India.  They did a bake sale, car wash, garage sale, and got matching funds from the local Poulsbo Rotary Club.  They had a blast.

 Our family  was planning on attending this years Summit, but now, because of the “Student Conference”, Carly wants her whole Heartworks team to make the trip…. See you in California.




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