Master’s Champ Bubba Watson and Simple Red Wagons

This year’s Master’s golf tournament ended with a nail-biter sudden death finish.  It also propelled into the limelight a follower of Jesus who cares deeply for the orphan in distress.  Bubba Watson’s official bio expresses that “Bubba and his wife, Angie are committed Christians who share a passion for philanthropy and dedicate as much time as possible to giving back.”  Further, just two weeks prior, the couple adopted a little boy.  Watson shared via Twitter, “Everyone (Angie) & I are proud new parents of a 1 month old baby boy name Caleb,” Watson said. “Been a parent for 2 days!”  (Photo HERE.)  Among other efforts to put his faith into action, Watson has golfed in the Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge to help raise funds for foster-to-adopt initiatives via the Dave Thomas Foundation.  As with many adoptions, no one knew how long the Watson’s process would take.  He expressed recently, “Could take two weeks. Could take two years. I don’t know.”  So the adoption and the Master’s win made for two breathtaking gifts in the space of two weeks.

It’s fun to celebrate the way the Watsons are now a highly-visible emblem of Christians engaging adoption and orphan care.  But I was also reminded this weekend that one need not ever make the front page to be a blazing emblem of the Bible’s call to care for the orphan.

Saturday, a pediatrician shared with my brother how she’d been deeply impacted by a 75-year old woman and her ailing husband.  For years, the woman and her husband have provided short-term care for children as they enter foster care.  That day, she brought into the hospital a 4-week old baby that was still recovering from her birthmother’s in-utero drug use.  The woman’s husband is battling a terminal disease, but he still helps care for the children that stay temporarily in their home, and for each he makes an engraved red wagons as a reminder that they were loved.

From the pinnacle of golf success to simple red wagons, it is beautiful to see God’s people reflecting his heart for the orphan!