Remarkable Blog Post from Kim Van Brunt

Reading the many recent posts in the blogosphere about Summit and the Christian orphan movement has been inspiring.  But one today was definitely among my very favorite.  It made we wish the Alliance possessed a teleporter (you’ll see why).  More importantly, it reminded why it is so vital that all of us who care about this movement continually speak fully of both the beauty and the sorrow that comes as we draw near to the orphan in distress.   Here’s an excerpt from today’s post from Kim Van Brunt:

I know. I’ve had conflicted feelings about the Christian orphan movement before, mainly because I believe I’ve witnessed the fallout after families sign up for adoption as a redemptive act, and then encounter a vastly different reality when they come face-to-face with their child. I still believe that when we move families to adopt using emotional appeals and sermons on moral imperatives, it can set up both family and child for difficulty and heartbreak later, when they’re unprepared and left without support after coming home.  But…

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