Encouraging Article on the Alliance, the Movement & Central Valley Roots

The work of the Christian Alliance for Orphans spans the country (and, increasingly, the globe), so Rachel and I have the privilege of choosing where to locate and work.  Three years ago we moved from Washington, DC to the much less metropolitan environs of California’s great Central Valley.   Although we’ve missed our community in DC and home on Capitol Hill, we’ve cherished the opportunity to raise our growing family in a place with deep family roots and wide open spaces, and alongside grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other old friends.   The Merced Sun-Star today carries an encouraging and kindly-worded article covering the Alliance, the Christian orphan movement and my roots here in Merced.  Here’s the FULL ARTICLE and an excerpt:

“There is a grass-roots movement of Christians to recapture the historic vision of the church in caring for orphans,” Medefind said. “It is growing significantly at this point. The Alliance is a rare model of Christian unity among groups that could be competing with each other. It speaks with a united voice, inspiring and equipping Christians to care for orphans through adoption, foster care and other global initiatives.”

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