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The Only Mommy War Worth Waging

Kristen Howerton, who blogs at Rage Against the Minivan and advocates tirelessly for adoption and global orphan care, wrote a stirring piece recently that was picked up by the Huffington […]

Summit VIII Recordings Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that Summit workshops and plenary sessions are now available.  Both audio downloads and CDs are available for all sessions, and video DVD is also available for […]

Live Painting at Summit VIII

One of the most memorable special features of both Summit VIII and Summit VII was the live, on-site painting by award-winning artist Hyatt Moore.  Every true movement requires great art […]

The Christian Post on Summit VIII

Summit VIII was nothing short of amazing.  Even for those of us who spent a lot of time scurrying behind the scenes, the passion and wisdom and experiences brought not […]