The Only Mommy War Worth Waging

Kristen Howerton, who blogs at Rage Against the Minivan and advocates tirelessly for adoption and global orphan care, wrote a stirring piece recently that was picked up by the Huffington Post. We urge you to go read it and see if you agree with Kristen, that there is only one mommy war worth waging.

I don’t much care if you breastfed your kid until they started kindergarten or if you fed them formula from day one. I don’t really care if you turned your infant car seat forward-facing prior to age 2, or if you homeschool, or if you send your kids to daycare while you go to work. Do you cosleep? Did you circumcise your son? I DON’T CARE. Do you “babywear”? Push your kid around in a stroller? Use a leash for your kid at Disneyland? Whatever. Good for you.

When it comes to issues of motherhood, there is one issue I care about: some kids don’t have one. All of these petty wars about the choices of capable, loving mothers is just a lot of white noise to me. Quite honestly, I’m often astonished at the non-essential parenting issues I see moms getting upset about. Particularly when there are so many kids in this world not being parented at all.

If that got your fired up, you’ll probably also enjoy What I Learned about Motherhood by being an Adoptive Parent, another of Kristen’s post the Huffington Post published last week.