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ECFA Article on the Christian Orphan Care Movement

The current edition of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability’s (ECFA) quarterly publication, Focus on  Nonprofit Accountability, carries an encouraging article on the growing Christian orphan care movement.  It reports: Today, it appears the church is decisively re-earning its reputation as a people who take special care for the orphan. Outside observers, from the Washington […]

Where Love Happens

Sunday morning bagels before church have become one of our favorite family traditions.  In DC, it was the Cosi on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Now, it’s Bagel Tyme in Merced.  I love the aroma of rising bread and sipping good coffee, the friends behind the counter, and the shop regulars who seem to enjoy the spectacle of […]

2012 Orphan Sunday Video!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the 2012 Orphan Sunday video below or on the Orphan Sunday website!  It is never too early to start planning how you’ll harness Orphan Sunday (November 4, 2012) to grow hearts for orphans in your church.  (Start with some great ideas HERE!)  

When It Comes to Complex Needs, Government Can’t Provide What Matters Most

The journal Religion and Politics covers a host of vital issues at the intersection of  personal faith and public life.  This month, the journal tackles the issue of whether government or faith-based and other nonprofits should play the central role in aiding the destitute.  I had the priviledge of joining three other thoughtful individuals (Joel […]

A Life Turned Upside Down

 I met Jason McMullen a few weeks ago at Summit VIII.  He’d come on business unrelated to orphan care and adoption—representing the company that published Upended.  But something totally unexpected happened to him while there.  I asked Jason if he’d be willing to share about it on the blog, and here’s what he wrote: A […]

Saving the Adoption Tax Credit

Many families that are willing to welcome a child into their home via adoption face a major barrier:  costs.  Even for families considering adoption from foster care, which typically costs very little, the expenses of caring for a new child can be a big hurdle.  So to help defray the expenses of adoption and get […]