What’s Happening in Buffalo

It was inspiring to hear from our friend Steve Gillis about the recent launch of a new church foster care ministry at The Chapel in Buffalo, NY.

Steve leads the ministry Patch Our Planet, which helps local churches develop foster, adoption, and/or global care ministries.  Recently, they helped believers in the Buffalo region to create the “Every Child” foster ministry.  Every Child is a collaborative effort of area church working together “to see the church empty the foster care system in WNY [western New York]….”

As a result of the launch of Every Child at The Chapel, roughly 400 people registered to take steps toward fostering or adopting, or to support those who do.  You can see the church service launch HERE, and learn more about the Every Child collaborative at their remarkable website.

What a vibrant example of the church stepping up in robust unity to make God’s heart for the fatherless visible in practical action.  Beautiful.

In his note, Steve expressed a gratitude for all that he and two leaders from partner churches were able to take home from Summit in May.   He wrote, “Wanted you to see how you are a big part of what is happening in Buffalo!”  Those words go out to the amazing array of orphan ministry veterans from across the U.S. and beyond who joined in teaching at Summit, sharing freely from their expertise.  The truth is, these faithful servant leaders from Louisville and Minneapolis and southern California and Dallas and dozens of other locations are all now “a part of what is happening in Buffalo.”