Passport Through Darkness Download

A few months back, I wrote a post on the remarkable book, Passport through Darkness.  It’s the poignant, raw, lingers-with-you true story of an ordinary woman drawn deeper and deeper into the joys and sacrifices of loving orphans, especially in Sudan.

Author Kimberly Smith (President of Alliance member Make Way Partners) has become a much-valued friend.  So I was doubly excited to see that Passport recently hit number one among all Christian books on  The publisher of Passport (David C Cook) is currently running a promo, offering a free download of the book through July 15 usable on any e-reader.  You can see more and download your free copy today on Amazon.

I am also really looking forward to the upcoming Christian Alliance for Orphans webinar that Kimberly will be leading, highlighting ways in which Christians can get more personally involved in caring for orphans for whom adoption is currently not possible.    Register now for the free webinar to be held July 25 at 2 PM eastern, “The Unadoptable Orphan 201:  Octopi Care.”