Get Great Ideas for Your Orphan Sunday from 2011 Favorites

As the 2012 Orphan Sunday campaign officially gets rolling this week, we thought we’d spotlight an assortment of great locally-created events people shared with us last year.  We’ll be sharing a batch a day for the next week.  Feel free to shamelessly copy, adapt and even improve! 

Orphan Sunday Events from 2011

  1. “Our church has four Worship services and this event was a kick-off for a new church orphan ministry. This was the first time people throughout the church had an opportunity to connect with others who shared a passion for orphans. At each service, prayer was lifted up for the new orphan ministry team and the orphans around the world.”
  2.  “We had 26 walkers in our Jug-A-Thon raising money for well-drilling in Africa!  Our youth group did a skit for Sun AM service.  It excites me to be getting more people involved.  Personally, we dedicated our newly adopted daughter from Bulgaria to the Lord on Orphan Sunday.”
  3.  “A Q&A session was held after the service, where 5 families came to learn more about Foster Care. Inspired by our first event last year, we are also pursuing a global orphan project as a church body.”
  4. “The dedication of nine children from five families had several powerful moments when older adopted children spoke of why God had placed them in their family.  Our pastor began crying and by the end the families were getting a standing ovation with all glory going to God.  Beautiful.”
  5.  “We had the most incredible Orphan’s Table experience with our own children.  They were so worried about being hungry, as we fasted before we ate the lunch, and did not eat again until later that night.  We were really able to see the light bulb come on in their hearts and minds as they put themselves in the place of children all around the world who are hungry.  The verses and questions that went along with it was amazing.  At the end of the meal, we gave them a banana, to show them what a GIFT it is to receive any kind of fresh food when you are not usually able to have it.  I’ve never seen them love a banana more!  And, they have told so many people about the meal, and how excited they were to have fresh fruit as a surprise.  This definitely hit home for them, and for us as parents. The sweetest prayers were prayed for orphans and it was such a powerful experience. We definitely plan to do this every year on Orphan Sunday.  Thank you for making it possible for us!”