More Orphan Sunday Ideas from 2011 Events

Here are five more events from Orphan Sunday 2011 – fodder for your thoughts as you consider how you’ll plan your 2012 Orphan Sunday

(See more ideas from last year’s events HERE.)

  1. “We ended up taking all of our offering for that Sunday morning and committing it to work in some way with Orphan/Foster Care.  That’s in spite of the fact that we barely are able to make budget each week as it is.  However, we are trusting God to pay the bills and the staff as we do what God has commanded us to do…to care for the widows, orphans and poor!  It’s been a huge blessing to our body of believers!  We’re trusting God throughout this week.  Meanwhile we had one of the largest offerings we’ve had in 2 years!!!  Praise God!”
  2. “As a continuation of Orphan Sunday, around 30 students signed up to do a vow of silence for those who have no voice. We are starting this event at 12 am and it will go until 6 pm. We’ll be wearing t-shirts that have statistics and Bible verses about orphans and the fatherless. Thank you for the initiative of the Orphan Sunday! We hope to continue hosting events at Dordt College through the years!”
  3. “The Centre County Orphan Care Alliance set a goal of wiping out the Big Brothers/Big Sisters waiting list of more than 90 children by March 1, 2012.  We also want to provide 15 new Christian foster families for Children and Youth Services by March 1, 2012.  At least 13 pastors in our county talked about God’s heart for the fatherless on Orphan Sunday and shared these goals.  Many folks have already signed up and we plan to keep pushing on these goals together in the months ahead.”
  4. “Our pastor shared from the word about God’s love for the orphan and that to love God means loving these children.  It was beautiful!”
  5. “We had about 50 people attend a luncheon after the church service where we fed them a simple rice & beans orphan’s meal and had local adoption/foster care/orphan care ministries represented at booths around the eating area for people to visit. Really cool.”