WORLD on Growing Christian Engagement in Foster Care

Following Summit VIII, WORLD Magazine ran two great articles on what it described as the “growing movement” of Christians involved in serving orphans.    The first, “Foster a Family,” explains how the movement is broadening to increasingly include local foster care:  “Typically, orphan care ministry has been associated with international and domestic adoption, but more Christians…are feeling ‘a call’ to foster children from the local community.”

The entire article is a good, quick read.  I especially appreciate that the author captured one of the most important truths about foster care (and all orphan ministry):  that caring for the fatherless is always best done as part of a church community that embraces the vision together.  The article describes:

For the Joyners, church members showed their love and support by bringing in cooked meals, providing clothes and a high chair for the kids, and answering basic parenting questions like, “What time should an 18-month-old go to bed?”

Kaeb calls it “the puzzle pieces.” She described church community involvement in foster care as pieces that fit into a puzzle – the pieces are the Body of Christ, the person who moves these pieces into the right places is God, and the puzzle is God’s love for His children.

 ”God is moving in the hearts of people, and we get to watch it,” Kaeb said. “We’re just trying to keep up.”  Full Article: HERE.