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WORLD on Growing Christian Engagement in Foster Care

Following Summit VIII, WORLD Magazine ran two great articles on what it described as the “growing movement” of Christians involved in serving orphans.    The first, “Foster a Family,” explains how the movement is broadening to increasingly include local foster care:  “Typically, orphan care ministry has been associated with international and domestic adoption, but more Christians…are […]

How Jesus UPENDS Everything

Patheos today features an interview on the recently-released book, UPENDED.  As the interview explores, UPENDED explores how we can unite the sweeping truths of our faith with the small, daily choices that most shape our lives and impact.  Catch an excerpt and link to the full article below: “How Jesus Upends Everything” Jedd Medefind (former […]

From Foster Care to Annapolis

My hometown paper this weekend carried a great column titled, “Amazing journey from foster care to Annapolis.” The CAFO blog always seeks to remind that any form of care for orphans—from adoption and foster care to global service—carries both joy and ache.  That’s certainly true.  But I’ll confess that I and others sometimes place accent […]