Making Ideas Touchable

Throughout history, God has always made abstract ideas touchable for His people.  We saw this most vividly in the Incarnation, of course.  It is everywhere in Scripture, too.  From rainbows and a burning bush to the Passover meal and the Lord’s Supper, God goes to remarkable lengths to makes hard-to-grasp truths tangible.

Why?  Because when ideas are see-able…smell-able…taste-able we better understand and remember them.

That’s why The Orphan’s Table is a special part of many Orphan Sunday gatherings.  Together, we remember orphans worldwide in a physical way.  The shared meal, discussion, and prayer help make far off things more real and permanent in our minds:  the needs of orphans…God’s heart for the fatherless…and His deep love for each of us also.  (You can order the Orphan’s Table meal and Prayer & Discussion Guide HERE at no cost except shipping.)

Whether you are using the Orphan’s Table or not, consider ways that you can make the “ideas” of Orphan Sunday concrete.  Display the pictures of the local Heart Gallery in your church foyer.  Organize youth group activities that bring home the experiences of orphans.  Invite a person who experienced fatherlessness firsthand to share their stories.

When God communicates, He most always does this kind of thing.  We’d be wise to do so as well.