Making Ideas Touchable II—Three Great Examples

As follow up on the last blog post about making ideas touchable, here are three great examples from families across the U.S. on how they used The Orphan’s Table to do just that!

1.  “We had the most incredible Orphan’s Table experience with our own children.  They were so worried about being hungry, as we fasted before we ate the lunch, and did not eat again until later that night.  We were really able to see the light bulb come on in their hearts and minds as they put themselves in the place of children all around the world who are hungry.  The verses and questions that went along with it was amazing.  At the end of the meal, we gave them a banana, to show them what a GIFT it is to receive any kind of fresh food when you are not usually able to have it.  I’ve never seen them love a banana more!  And, they have told so many people about the meal, and how excited they were to have fresh fruit as a surprise.  This definitely hit home for them, and for us as parents. The sweetest prayers were prayed for orphans and it was such a powerful experience. We definitely plan to do this every year on Orphan Sunday.  Thank you for making it possible for us!”

2.  “My husband had the idea to hand out numbers randomly when people arrived at our house, and we had planned for all but one person to have the orphan’s meal, on our bare floor.  One person however was randomly selected to have a very nice dinner at our table, and at first, as we served everyone dinner, that person was facing away from everyone else eating the orphan’s meal (and my husband built up the scenario by spoiling him with fine china and attention, while doing the opposite for our other guests), but then my husband had him move to the other side of the table, where he could see how everyone else was eating so simply and on the floor.  At first everyone was caught off guard, but then they figured out the point my husband was trying to make, and it was humbling for all of us.  It was a creative idea, and was a neat spring board for our discussion.”

3.  “I am not sure how to even begin to share about our night!  My family and I hosted The Orphan’s Table for 30 teenage girls.  We started by talking about inconveniences they may have experienced this past week.  The girls shared experiences such as the pencil sharpener at school being full, the pizza is cold at lunch, people driving too slowly on the road, etc.  Meanwhile, one of our volunteers had started dropping a penny into a mason jar, and the girls noticed the ‘clink” every 20 seconds.  I then talked about the inconveniences that orphans face and that we were going to partake in a typical orphans meal.  The girls were asked to line up and walk through the kitchen to get their meal, and then take it to the garage to eat.  The girls sat on flattened card boxes, with plastic bowls and drank water out of “dirty” cups.  It was silent as the girls looked the food and it dawned on them what real inconveniences might be.  My son, who was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of 6, shared what life was like for him in an orphanage and the girls asked a lot of questions.  We moved back inside and watched “Hope Fading”, which led all the girls to tears.  And the pennies continued to drop.  We then led the girls through the Bible verses and discussion questions.  One of the teens then shared how she had been adopted at the age of 7 from Russia and shared what it was like for her coming to a new country, learning a new language, etc.  We then told the girls that every 20 second, a child becomes a double orphan – and that is what the pennies symbolized.  They were shocked.  We talked about a ministry in Colombia for street children, most who are fatherless, and then asked the girls if any of them would want to be a pen-pal to these kids – the entire stack of kids were taken and the girls are anxious to start writing!  We ended with prayer, holding hands, and then gave the girls a Ugandan bracelet.  It was a small event, but I think made a huge impact on the teens.”

(You can order the Orphan’s Table meal and Prayer & Discussion Guide HERE at no cost except shipping.)