The Best Part of Summit

As great as Summit is each year, the very best part is what happens afterwards:  the church orphan ministries that start or take big steps forward; the renewed personal passion and mission-minded friendships; the improvements organizations implement in their programs.

I read one such report from a good friend who attends Rock Harbor church in southern, CA.  Building on momentum from Summit, they’ve launched their new Orphan Care ministry focus, with a full gamut of opportunities for church members to engage, from foster care and adoption to global initiatives.

From home churches to huge churches like Rock Harbor, it’s thrilling to see the way churches are increasingly interweaving God’s heart for the orphan into the fiber of church life!  Check out the video (below) that Rock Harbor produced to highlight the launch.  It offers a powerful metaphor for how an orphan or foster youth or struggling family often needs more than just one person can provide—yet as a church community, we can provide the full range of needed support, stabilizing and service.  This is why God calls us to serve not just as faithful individuals, but as a community of believers laboring side by side.

Orphan Care from ROCKHARBOR on Vimeo.