Upcoming Family Life Today Broadcasts on Orphans, Foster Care and Adoption

Several of the most unforgettable features at Summit VIII were recorded for broadcast on Family Life Today…and two are slated to run next week!

September 24th FLT Broadcast.  The deeply-moving personal stories of two young women who grew up in the foster system, interviewed by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  Few eyes were dry by the conclusion of this interview, mine included!

September 25th and 26th FLT Broadcasts.  The “Men and the Cause of the Fatherless” on-stage discussion included Rick Warren, Russell Moore, Jedd Medefind and Dennis Rainey, moderated by Bob Lepine.  These two broadcast will explore why men often lag behind their wives, how we can motivate men to “step up,”…and ultimately carries a bold call especially for men to rise as true “defenders of the fatherless.”

September 27and 28 FLT Broadcasts.  Mark and Katharyn Richt share their personal adoption story (not recorded at Summit).

You can find your local Family Life Today station HERE.