Departing for Zambia

I depart tomorrow for Zambia with a small team of top-caliber film creatives.  (I may need to dust off my beret and neglect shaving if I have any hopes of fitting in).

Instead of the TV shows, commercials and world-class photography these Christ-following artists normally produce, they’ve volunteered their time and considerable skills to create “Zambia’s Gift to the World.”

We’ll be filming at a range of sites throughout the week leading up to Zambia’s traditional Orphan Sunday on October 7th.

Throw in the project’s manager, Jodi Jackson Tucker, who helps lead Orphan Sunday efforts internationally, and there’ll never be a dull moment.  Jodi will also be posting pictures and videos here on the blog most days, too!

We’ll be joined by Zambian believers active in care for orphans, and aided by friends serving with CAFO member organizations.  Two groups will play especially key roles:  Every Orphans’ Hope (providing for many of the crew’s on-the-ground needs) and A Child’s Hope International (proving major food shipments for the ongoing work of orphan-serving orgs in Zambia).

And what, exactly, is Zambia’s Gift to the World?  The 30-minute film will take viewers to the birthplace of Orphan Sunday and, from there, around the globe.  With captivating images, interviews and music, the film will convey how a passion for the fatherless is growing among believers worldwide.

In many ways, Zambia’s Gift to the World flips the traditional story on its head.  This isn’t another documentary spotlighting Africa’s woes.  Rather, it tells how God has given a beautiful gift to the world through Africa—a gift that is impacting orphans, families and churches around the globe.

Want to come along?  We’d love for you to.  You can:

1)    Pray for the team, the work in Zambia and the film’s impact.

2)    Catch the daily blog, pictures and video blog posts from the team next week HERE.

3)    Watch Zambia’s Gift to the World on November 4 with your family, church or small group (sign up to download/stream the film at no cost HERE).