God is their hope in Kabwe!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We awakened to a beautiful morning and an amazing breakfast prepared by the staff at Abundant Life Guest house.  We are often treated to the sound of prayers and song while staying here, as the guest house adjoins a church!

We traveled today to Kabwe, north of Lusaka.  Kabwe is a remote place but the churches there have embraced and loved the orphans in their midst.  A highlight of the day was meeting Elder Wilson, a man who just radiates the love of the Lord.  The many orphans in his care blessed us with songs and then asked us questions of all types, including “how do you cook cabbage in America?”

Elder Wilson holding a sign that reads “One Day, One Voice, One Purpose” in Bembe, the language of Kabwe.

We had the opportunity to interview many amazing orphans who know their hope is in the Lord.  This is Jacqueline, whose radiant smile and amazing testimony left us all humbled and inspired.  You will surely be richly blessed when you see the completed film that will come from this journey and hear stories like Jacqueline’s.


Though she has lost her parents, Jacqueline is the children’s worship leader at her church. She knows her hope is in the Lord.

If you are being touched by this awesome photography, this is probably a good time for me to introduce you to our team member Bobby Neptune.  Bobby has an anointed gift for capturing the love and beauty of people, and spends over half the year traveling the world capturing stories of the Lord’s people.  His volunteer service on our team not only provides us with incredible visuals, but he also has the ability to make friends everywhere we go (you should see his silly chicken dance that can make ANY child smile.)

Bobby with Margaret and Agnes, one of the stories we will feature in “Zambia’s Gift to the World”.

One of the joys of our journey is to see Orphan Sunday posters proudly displayed at the various rural churches we visit.

Posters like this have sprung up all across Zambia!

Please continue to pray for our food shipment that is still in transit.  We hope to feed 5000 children and their families through the gift of food packages this weekend.  As we were fervently praying this morning, we were reminded that 5000 is same number that Jesus fed in the Bible. We give this petition entirely to the Lord, knowing that He will feed His children.

Tomorrow we head to Kafue!

Continue to pray for our team.  Thank you!