Prepare to be Changed

We have returned from Zambia forever impacted by the story of Orphan Sunday and what God has done through the Zambian people to birth Orphan Sunday around the globe.  We’d heard the stories, but seeing it all–from the small church where it all began to the vibrant faith of pastors, widows, orphans and other unforgettable friends–was an experience we’ll never forget.

Best of all, we’re thrilled that you’ll get to see it, too!  Join believers across the world to watch the 30-minute film “Zambia’s Gift to the World.”

Here is just glimpse of what you will experience…

Journey with us to Kalingalinga in Lusaka.  See how God birthed the idea of Orphan Sunday when the people of a humble church gave out of their need to care for the orphans and widows in their midst.

Pray with Margaret as she lives out God’s call on her life to care for an orphaned child.

Rejoice with Thoko as she overcomes loss, grief and abuse to shine her light for orphans everywhere.

Celebrate with the orphans of Zambia as they embrace their destiny as children of God.

Learn how this message is now echoing around the world, from Ukraine to the Philippines to the UK!

We look forward to sharing this story of God’s heart with you.  Sign up HERE to receive the web link when it is released on November 1.